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Each page following lists a variety of topics which computer users ask about frequently.


Many other computer topics and trouble-shooting areas will be added here each month in response to your calls and feedback.


All of these are among the computer concerns I help people solve, or subject areas I cover in classes and tutorials here in the neighborhood.



[ Overview ]


2016-2017 Computer Tips – Compilation of Selected Topics – Email, Backups, Word Processing, Recommended Apps


2016-2017 Holiday Reminders – Handy Seasonal Tips including Guest Accounts, Pictures, Contacts, Deals, Tax & Finance


Desktop Personalization


Background Pictures – Finding New Wallpapers and Screensaver Pictures for Your Computer


New Microsoft Desktop Pictures for Window Computers – Collections, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Photo Rotations, Slideshows


Removing Desktop Icons – Customizing and De-Cluttering Your Main Windows Screen


Screensavers – High-Quality Windows Screen-Saver Pictures


Screensavers and Wallpapers – Attractive Pictures Available for Windows Desktop and Slideshows


Early Windows Versions


XP and Vista – What to Do When Your Internet Browser Software Stops or Slows


Safe Mode - How to Use It – Boot-Up Tool to Help Fix Glitches and Remove Infections (Applies to Windows 7 & 8.1 and Prior Versions)


Email (also see “Gmail” topic under “Google” heading)


Resolving Recent Email Troubles – for Bright House (Roadrunner) Customers




Facebook for Computer Tips – Computer Tech Articles Postings at “Online-Tech-Resource-Page” on Facebook


Facebook Shortcuts for Computer Users – Find 50 Recommended Links for Computer-Related News Stories on Facebook


Games & Entertainment


Games and Gaming –  Improvements on Windows 10


Smart TV – Browsing the Internet with a Smart Television





Google Services – Learning to Use Free Google Services


Google & Gmail – Making Your Internet and Email Experience Easier and Faster with Google


Gmail Reference Aid – Saving, Printing or Forwarding a Message


Internet Connections


Lost Internet Connection – What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Internet Signal


Maintenance & Safeguards


Faster Computer Performance – How to Speed Up Windows 10 by Tweeking Your Update Retrieval Settings


Home Computer Maintenance - Tips and Guidelines  – Checklist to Keep a Computer Running Fast, Smooth and Stable (Applies to All Windows Versions)


Repair Discs – Making a Windows Repair Disc in Control Panel


Tidying Up Your Computer Space - Tips to Make Your Computer Work Area Easier and More Enjoyable to Use


Mobile Devices


E-Reader User Manuals – Available Online for Nooks & Kindles


Kindle and Ebook Readers – Advantages and Comparisons for Avid Readers


Notebook Computers – Considering a Notebook Computer for Mobility and Preparedness (Home Mobility, Hospital / Rehab Use, Travel Hotspots, Family Visits)


Organizing on Your Computer


Getting Passwords Organized – Keeping It Simple


Managing Your Files and Folders – Putting File Explorer (Windows Explorer) to Work


Organizing Your Contacts and Address Lists – Tips to Simplify the Process


Organizing Your Files – Recommended Video on Managing Your Documents, Pictures, Etc. with Windows




Picasa Photo Software – Discontinued by Google, but Most Program Features Still Work Normally


Picture & Photo Software – Apps for Organizing, Editing, Sharing, Transferring Picture Files


Popular Websites


AARP Online – AARP Website Resources and Shortcuts


Consumer Reports Online – Reviews & Ratings



Printing & Printers


Printer Won't Print – What to Do When Your Computer and Printer Don’t Communicate


Printing a Document to PDF Format – When You Need to Print Something Later, or from Another Device or Location





Annoying Phone Calls – Identifying Suspicious Phone Numbers as Spams and Scams


Browser Popup Scams – Continuing Advisory – Beware of these Popups, Do Not Call Them


Frauds & Spams – Sample Case of Stopping a Fraudulent Email Scheme


Utility Scams Online - Information Available from Duke Energy





Control Panel – Check List of Windows Settings Categories, Handy for Planning Tutorials, Individual or Group Classes, Q&A Sessions

User Accounts – How to Set Up and Manage User Accounts on Your Windows Computer


Software Programs


Basic Letter-Writing Apps – Making Correspondence Easier


Computer Clean-Up App – Cleaning and Speeding Up Your Computer with Glary Utilities


Free Word Processing Software – Easy-to-Use Software You Can Download to Use in Place of MS Word, and Still View Word Documents


LibreOffice Word Processor - Another Free Writer App


Quicken 2016 and 2017 – Recent Glitches and Options


Quicken and TurboTax – Links for these Leading Intuit Softwares, for Personal Finance and Tax Filing




Error Tip – How to Take a Screen Shot of Error Messages When You Need to Show Somebody What Came Up on the Screen


Remote Tech Help – Remote Technical Support Apps and Windows 10 Quick Assist


Web Browsers


Microsoft Edge - Windows 10 Internet Browser Improved


Replacing Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox – Faster and More Stable Web Browsing


(Also see info on browsers for XP and Vista under “Early Windows Versions” above.)



Windows Updates


Windows 7 & 8 – Schedule Changes in Windows Updates


Windows 10 Creators Update Expected – Major Update Expected in April 2017


Windows 10 Creators Update Installation Tips – Following Initial Rollout Announcement


Windows 10 Update Bugs – Fixes for Windows 10 Update Problems


Windows 10 Updates, Microsoft Edge, and Cortana – Learning to Find Things More Easily on the Web


Personal Tutoring Resources


Reference Sheets – Recommended Source for Handy Windows 7, 8, 10 Reference Sheets


Windows 7 – Checklist for Home Tutoring or Group Classes


Windows 8 – Checklist for Home Tutoring or Group Classes


Windows 10 – Checklist for Home Tutoring or Group Classes


YouTube Videos – Free Computer Learning Online