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This material is archived primarily from Email tips distributed to my own home computer friends here in Ocala, dated 2015-2017. Updates to this material are scheduled for CY 2018.

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Windows 10 Technical Tips for Seniors in S.W. Ocala, FL

Windows 10 Computers Tutorial Topic Series

for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Computer Users

This outline material is drawn from notes for Windows 10 classes I teach in senior communities.

I have posted it here for my computer help customers to use as checklists in identifying areas where you would like some help.

Finding key Windows features and controls on your main screens

Start Icon lower left

Simplified pop-up menu items

Tile screen for shortcuts

Search box placement

Simplified task bar

Settings = Control Panel

Personalization & themes

IE vs Edge

Maintenance tasks

Arranging space and equipment

Space behind (cables, port access)

Cool, clean, non-magnetic, roomy



Wireless accessories

Printer platform

Neatly shelved

Surge protection

Side drawer space

Following computer maintenance schedules

Windows updates

AV updates


Software incl Adobe, Sun (java) updates

Printer and HW firm updates

Periodic full shutdowns

Controlling computer access

User accounts: Admin & Self (Adm); Guest and Other (Std)


Choice of Local or MS email-based User ID

Passwording option

Credentials: Web: Access to show passwords

Organizing your computer files and media

Windows Explorer renamed File Explorer

Left column: Quick Access, User folders, Drives / Network locations

Right-hand area: Content details with View / Order choices;

Manage with Cut, Paste, Move, Toolbar & Right-click options

Major technical support and Help resources available

Search Box, includes:

Web results

Help and Feature listings

File, Folder and Favorite results

Help via Microsoft.com Answer documents online

BB-style tech help from tenforums.com

Computer clubs, youtube videos, and independent tutorial products

Control panel areas


Taskbar and Navigation

Internet Options


NVIDIA Control Panel

Remote App and Desktop

Software tools for preventive, diagnostic and corrective computer care

Administrative Tools Defrag, Disk clean-up, Resource monitor

Power Options


Security and utility software

Security and Maintenance

Windows Defender (supplants Security Essentials)

Windows Firewall

Credential Manager

User Accounts

Backup and retrieval options

Backup and Restore

File History


File location

File Explorer Options

Indexing Options

Storage Spaces

Home Group

Sync Center

Work Folder

Network and Sharing

Controls over software running on your computer

Default Programs

Programs and Features

Hardware-specific programs relevant:

Device Manager

Devices and Printers


HD Audio Manager

Flash Player

Nero Burn Rights

Phone and Modem


Speech Recognition

Computing environment






Personalization Center


Ease of Access


Color Management