Computer Tech Articles You Can Find Being on Facebook


These links are drawn from a special page I began post interesting computer publication articles I learn about on Facebook.


Those of you on Facebook - now or in the future - can get good access to many helpful postings and articles by "Liking" and "Following" some of the major computer zine publishers with FB pages.


I repost some of these on my own Computer Tech Page at


Links below are ones that I highlighted as of July 2016:



·        An answer to how Microsoft "forced" a Windows upgrade on people without their realizing it:  From "Microsoft faces two new lawsuits over aggressive Windows 10 upgrade tactics" at


·        Word macros: Three examples to automate your documents - at


·        Learning GOOGLE - Google is turning out to be an easy way to replace most of what people used other webpages and software programs to do. Interesting article on this subject, "How to Turn Google into the Best To-Do App Ever" at


·        Windows 10 Anniversary Update scheduled for August 2016 adds a ton of new features but also takes away some features - article at


·        "Know when your computer is under attack!" - "12 Signs of Malware Infection - article by Malwarebyters" - at

·        "How to beat ransomware: prevent, don’t react " - Article by Malwarebytes - at


·        "2 ways to control Windows 10 automatic updates" - Previous Windows versions let you update manually or automatically. But Windows 10 updates whether you want it to or not…unless you know the trick. - at


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