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This material is archived primarily from Email tips distributed to my own home computer friends here in Ocala, dated 2015-2017. Updates to this material are scheduled for CY 2018.

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Consumer Reports Site Review

Consumer Reports Online Reviews & Ratings

One of our family's regular magazine subscriptions always was "Consumer Reports". It's always been a standard for middle class families to get objective information and recommendations on home purchases, especially items like appliances, computers, and a wide range of other electronics.

Nowadays they have an online "digital subscription" available, apart from the regular print magazine subscription. I go for the digital edition myself, which runs me about $35 annually.

(Subscribing to the print magazine is an entirely separate order, not included in the digital subscription.)

It's easy to check out Consumer Reports' website for yourself. Their web address is https://www.consumerreports.org/ .

Consumerreports.org has a very simple and straightforward web display. When you first go to their main page you'll see the following section headers:

Product Reviews


Take Action

About Us

As shown here:

What people want from Consumer Reports most of all is the product reviews and the product ratings.

If you click on Product Reviews, you'll find this category layout:

Just to stay up-to-date, I went into their website to check out computer recommendations, and the choices and price ranges they cover do conform with my impressions of what the good computers are, and what price ranges are reasonable.

If you visit as a non-subscriber, you can drill down to a certain layer of detail in each product category, and even view their product and price range listings.

Once you get to the level of reviews, ratings and buying guide info, you'll then be prompted with the option to Subscribe. So it's well worth visiting the website for free first because you can get a good feel for its layout and potential value to you.

Besides the Product Review areas, the website offers other useful information. The "News" section has articles comparable to what the regular magazine carries.

Their "Take Action" page is where you'll find pro-consumer initiatives which concern a lot of us, from a consumer interest viewpoint or from a general civic-minded viewpoint.

There's a very interesting timeline of consumer victories at the base of their ratings explanation page, at https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/about-us/whats-behind-the-ratings/index.htm

Under "About Us" you'll find information on Consumer Reports' mission and vision, organization leadership, accomplishments, explanation of ratings methodology, and their legal organization, financial reports and contact information.