Finding New Microsoft Wallpapers and Screensaver Pictures for Your Computer


Anybody want to change your desktop to a better picture?


        More attractive image? 

        Better clarity? 


        New color scheme?


Here are some tips and resources that I hope will be helpful.


Following below are two (2) website addresses where you can get a wider variety of "wallpaper" pictures.


You can download any of these fantastic high-quality images to replace your current image - or you can even rotate your images as a "slide show"


This is a great way to customize the "look and feel" of your computer and make it more personalized.

TIP - If you download images from these sites, make a special folder in your Downloads or Pictures library where you can keep them together.


TIP - You also can use your own pictures to serve as wallpaper or screen saver images. Your "Paint" App is perfect for cropping them to fit, and it's built into Windows for free.

Here are two websites I recommend for finding new wallpaper pictures:

Microsoft's own "Featured Wallpapers" at

Major themes include:


Animals -  Art (illustrative)

Art (photographic)



Holiday & seasons

Natural wonders

Places & landscapes

Plants & flowers

Branded wallpapers

From the community


Wallpaperswide.Com - Free HD Desktop Wallpapers for Widescreen, High Definition, Mobile - at


Major themes follow below.


(Numbers in parentheses indicate how many images are available in each category at this time (8/18/16).)


Aero (317)
Animals (297)
Architecture (1071)
Army (840)
Artistic (607)
Black and White (2186)
Cartoons (159)
Celebrities (495)
Charity (79)
City (1489)
Computers (146)
Android (70)
Firefox (22)
Hardware (315)
Linux (178)
Mac (511)
nVIDIA (36)
Others (231)
Vaio (15)
Web (126)
Windows (85)
Cute (820)
Elements (105)
Food and Drink (687)
Funny (775)
Games (453)
Girls (2812)
Holidays (108)
Love (1099)
Motors (134)
Movies (267)
Music (1446)
Nature (922)
Seasons (79)
Space (1160)
Sports (132)
Travel (185)
Vintage (2839)


Hope this information is helpful.


Arthur K. Burditt III

(352) 875-7878