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This material is archived primarily from Email tips distributed to my own home computer friends here in Ocala, dated 2015-2017. Updates to this material are scheduled for CY 2018.

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New Major Windows 10 Update Expected in April 2017

New Major Windows 10 Update Expected in April 2017

Very soon Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 10 Creators Update (also known as Redstone 2).

This is a major update to Windows 10, as was the Anniversary Update that hit Windows 10 users' computers in September-October last year.

At this time the expected release is timed for April 2017.

Promotional information this release is available on the Microsoft website at:


If last year's Anniversary Update is any indication, I expect the update in April to be a lengthy download and installation. How smoothly the updating process goes will vary with each computer.

Anytime a major operating system revision comes looming though is a good occasion to back up your personal files and system. Also, doing a clean-up of your computer in advance of the update is highly advised.

Windows 7 and 8.8.1 meanwhile are supposed to receive technical support for another several years. You may hear stories about Windows 7 and 8/8.1 being "ended". This simply means that Microsoft is not making those earlier versions available for the large computer makers to install on new machines for major retail chains. At least for the time being, we should be able to find locally built or refurbished computers available for sale with Windows 7 installed. Knock on wood.

There is a lot of computer news information being posted on these developments. One of the more easy-to-read articles on Windows versions and updates is posted by Forbes at the following link: