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This material is archived primarily from Email tips distributed to my own home computer friends here in Ocala, dated 2015-2017. Updates to this material are scheduled for CY 2018.

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Picasa Photo Software Still Useful

Picasa Photo Software Discontinued by Google - but Don't Panic!

Picasa is an image software used to organize, view and edit photographs with your computer.

In 2004 Google acquired the software from Lifescape, the original developer, and has been using it to promote its own online photo service - Google Photos.

Early this year Google announced it will not longer "support" Picasa. Instead, Google will be developing its own online applications for people to manage and share their photographs online.

Picasa will continue to work, however. Google may not be developing or providing technical support for Picasa, but if you have Picasa on your computer you should be able to continue to use it just fine for the foreseeable future - even if certain "sharing" features of the software become disabled.

If you have Picasa installed, I suggest leaving it on your computer - no change. Even if you haven't used it much, it's worth learning to use.

If you migrate to a new computer, it may be hard to find a secure source online to install it. Google is not providing Picasa downloads anymore.

If you run into that situation, I have saved a copy of the actual Picasa installation software needed for Windows computers - in case anybody needs to install it on a new computer or reinstall in on a computer after a crash.

I have been using Google Photos myself and helping computer users learning to use Google Photos with their computers, tablets and smart phones.

If you mainly just want to keep using your Picasa software as usual, I can help with that too.

One last reminder - Make sure you have your photos and documents backed up.

If you use Google Photos, you'll always have access to them over the Internet.

If you don't use a cloud-based photo portal though, have your photos backed up to an external HD, flash drive or other storage device.

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