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This material is archived primarily from Email tips distributed to my own home computer friends here in Ocala, dated 2015-2017. Updates to this material are scheduled for CY 2018.

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Quicken 2016 and 2017 Glitches

Quicken 2016 and 2017 - Recent Glitches and Options

Several users of Quicken software recently have run into certain snags, most notably concerning password access and accounts update connectivity. I hope this background may be helpful for those of you using Quicken software.

Comments here apply only to 2016 software in use, and 2017 software now available. Quicken 2013 support has gone the way of MS's XP and Vista.

Password issues:

You may be getting prompted unexpectedly for password access just to open your Quicken program.

If you get the prompt and input the wrong password, you should be able to get a message emailed or texted to you for resetting the password. A couple users though have reported problems using the password reset option.

I ran into this myself recently but was able to use the reset option just fine.

It seems the more common problem following after a reset is the tedium of entering a newly reset password on each device and within each browser or other app that you are using to access your Quicken account.

(Keep in mind not to get this password mixed up with Intuit passwords that you may be using for your tax software or for filings.)

Passwording of Quicken files also has cropped up as a problem for some users. Users migrating between computers may find that their Quicken data file prompts them for a password to get in.

I've seen this issue come up particularly when migrating Quicken from one computer or device to another, such as from a PC to a Mac. Sometimes copying it to a new filename can solve that issue, but you need to do that on the machine that has your Quicken account password saved.

Financial accounts updating connectivity issues:

Users recently have experienced problems importing updated accounts data from their financial institutions online. If this occurs you may see an error message, or you may simply see a results confirmation page indicating "failure" for certain tasks.

I experienced this myself recently with Quicken 2016, and the problem was occurring both when importing directly online and when importing from a downloaded QFX file. It just happened that the problem coincided with several sets of Quicken program updates.

(In the past, suspicions about online security have been a reason that many of us have used to download data files manually, but in practice this becomes cumbersome and unreliable.)

Support board discussions of this problem were ambiguous about successful resolution. Rather than tinker around with too many variables, I took the easier and inevitable path of upgrading to Quicken 2017.

In addition, I took the step of creating a fresh Quicken file and re-entering log-in information for one-step updating, for two reasons:

First, I had used both downloaded files and direct online updating methods to import data in the past, and this had made my Quicken data file prone to duplicate transactions and incomplete downloads at times.

Second, I had real doubts about whether Quicken 2016 was staying current with bank log-in protocols, especially since I'd had to deal this past year with banks going through significant computer network upgrades themselves.

So even for my simple purposes I decided it's better to stay current, go with Quicken 2017, and start with a fresh file and a single method for updating.

Afterword - Quicken Sync option

I've shifted gears myself in terms of backups. In upgrading to Quicken 2017, I opted to "Sync" with their cloud rather than rely solely on local machine or external HDD backups.

Even while the routine local backups on my C:\ drive are also backed up to my Carbonite, I would rather also be able to access my Quicken in a pinch through alternative devices, so using the cloud sync takes care of that.