Utility Scams Online - Information Available from Duke Energy


Increasing numbers of utility customers are receiving phone calls by parties impersonating their utility customers.

According to Duke Energy,

"Modern scam artists use increasingly sophisticated and intimidating tactics. The only way to protect yourself is to be vigilant, stay informed and guard your personal information.

"Remember, you do not have to sign anything or give personal information to anyone calling you on the phone, sending you an email or showing up at your door.

"If you feel something’s not quite right about the situation, contact us immediately at 800.700.8744. Contact the police immediately and report the call if you feel it was an impostor."

You can get further information about how to spot a utility service scam and what to do if you suspect a scam by going to the following web address:


You will find a number informative and illustrative videos on that webpage, and further down the page there is well assembled information and guidance on topics including:

      How can I know if it is really Duke Energy calling me?

      What are other scams targeting Duke Energy customers?

      What can I do to protect myself against fraud?

      If I've been scammed, what should I do?

      Should I report a scam attempt?

      What is Duke Energy doing to put a stop to this scam?

Hope this information is helpful!