Windows Reference Sheets


Recently I found a really handy set of Windows reference files which I shared with a few of my computer friends here in the neighborhoods.


Each file is just two pages jam-packed with handy tips and reminders about how to find and use the Windows features on your computer.


These also include brief descriptions and instructions about what certain Windows features do and how to get to them.


Some people will find these sheets useful for self-teaching.


I find them helpful as a checklist for tutoring people wanting to get more familiar and comfortable with their updated Windows system.


These sheets are produced by an interactive training company CustomGuide, at online. You can either print them from your browser window or you can save and print them from Adobe Acrobat Reader, depending on your computer settings.


There are three files - one for Windows 7, one for Windows 8, and one for Windows 10.


Hope this information is helpful!

Arthur K. Burditt III

(352) 875-7878