WPS feature on newer modem-routers can speed up

getting printers and devices connected to your WiFi 


In the past, the process of getting a laptop, printer, mobile phone or other wireless device has been a daunting task for many households.

One reason is that internet service providers (ISPs) have not always provided information clearly to their customers about the security key for their router.

Nowadays most internet access customers in our area have gotten or could get newer equipment that makes it easier to connect devices.

Many homes in Ocala, for example are getting their internet from Spectrum (formerly Bright House) or Century Link (formerly Embarq).

Both of these companies now provide combination "modem-router" units. This means customers no longer have to buy their own router or string a router to their modem.

Both of these companies also are providing equipment models with a built-in Wireless Protected Security (or WPS) feature.

If you have their most up-to-date equipment, you'll find a dime-sized button market "WPS" on the equipment - usually on the front toward the bottom, or on the top toward the front.

Most wireless devices now have a WPS option in their "connection" settings now, so that you can use the push-button on your router to establish a WiFi connection to your device, instead of needing to find and type in a long security key.

This can be especially convenient if your wireless device requires you to "arrow through" a screen-display keyboard for alphanumeric input.

It will be good to know if you have a WPS button on your internet equipment when you contact a person to help you in connecting or reconnecting one of your devices.


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