YouTube Videos Provide Free Computer Learning Online


I've recently launched a new YouTube channel to share online videos that can help computer users at all levels with tips and instruction.


People learn best in different ways - some by books, some by observation, some by one-on-one instruction, some by audio or video presentation.


I've found the wide range of computer how-to videos on YouTube to be a great resources, but the amount of material available is overwhelming.


So I'm starting up this channel on YouTube to share with you what I find useful or interesting as a computer user myself.


Sometimes if I'm helping somebody with tutoring or question-answer time, some of the free videos on YouTube can be helpful as a learning supplement.


Unlike formal classes, you can pause and back them up at your own pace.


Also, if I can help introduce you to some of the topics and questions that free online videos cover, it can help break the ice for you, a typical computer user, to putting your computer questions or goals into words.


This is the link for my new "Arthur TecHelp" channel on YouTube:


I suggest saving the address in your Bookmarks or Favorite, since the address is so long at the moment.


Hopefully I can give this channel a more simple address soon, but for now if you click on this link it should take you to my channel.


You'll find links on that page for a dozen or so computer channels that I follow on YouTube, identified as "Subscriptions".


I'll be adding more of these, and I'll be adding direct links to other specific videos and new material soon.



Hope this information is helpful!

Arthur K. Burditt III

(352) 875-7878